• My Story & Philosophy

    I believe there is the finest of lines between the mental and emotional space we live in and the physical space we occupy. At times, there may lie an unsettling disconnect between what we are trying to say, and what our walls, art, homes, offices, events, and other mediums of expression are saying about us.

    I believe that by tackling what is in front of us – pushing through the exercise in thought and the decision-making process to alter our physical environment – we tune back in to the other areas of our life that may be out of balance and recalibrate them.


  • Projects & Random Obsessions

    Sometimes it’s hard to walk away from a space, a moment, or object without wanting to share it. I shy away from the words blog and journal, knowing myself all too well. I get so caught up in living life, that stopping to document it daily, seems REALLY doubtful. But “they” tell me I should, along with “ you HAVE to have before and after shots”, so this is the compromise. We will see how it goes...

    Please note, My photography skills leave much to be desired (this is an understatement). So I beg of you, go gentle in your judgment of the quality of my iPhone photos.

    January 26, 2012

    Recently I returned to a clients house where a few months ago, I worked with them in designing their mudroom.  The last time I had seen the fo...

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  • People I Need, ♥ & Recommend

    J.e.m. – Jane of the Urban Jungle

    Jane in addition to being a fantastic designer, has an amazing store in the South end of Boston. She hunts down, revitalizes, refurbishes, creates and makes thing happen. I'm in awe of her eye and love having her around to inspire me.

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  • Everybody Likes Pictures

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  • Don't Just Take My
    Word for It

    Instead of trying to list my services, I thought I would choose a few letters in hopes of giving you an idea of what I do. Please believe me when I say that the pleasure was all mine working with these lovely people. It's an honor to be asked to be a part of ones' home or life.

    All of my clients have so graciously offered to speak with anyone in regards to a verbal reference. Please feel free to email me if you would like to do so or have any questions.

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  • Press & Published Spaces

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    Learn to honor and curate what you have. Make a realistic plan to get what you need. Understand the true intent behind what you want and let go of what you don’t.
    Love Wherever You Are.

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