Don't Just Take My Word For It

...Alright, I WILL attempt to boil it down: Stylist, Event Planner, Interior Designer, Entertaining-Hostess Consultant, Personal Shopper, Seasonal-Holiday Decorator, General Advice Giver, Eager Listener, Home Mediator...


In the winter of 2010, my husband and I purchased a home in Centre Island, NY.  We had plans to remodel the home, and decided to bring in an interior decorator to assist us and work side by side with our contractors.  Krista came highly recommended. Upon meeting her, my husband and I were impressed with her warmth and credentials and hired her.

Right from the beginning Krista was accessible and easy to contact to at all hours.  Email, text, calling or having her come down. Which was a blessing because both my husband and I have very hectic schedules and were trying already to close down 2 homes. (Which Krista helped guide us through as well)  Her communication was excellent, as she took our ideas and thoughts and gave us input in a creative, thoughtful and patient fashion.  She was  meticulous to every detail, making sure everything was ordered and delivered, making sure everything was what we needed and wanted.  To our amazement Krista handled most of it from Maine, although my husband and I always felt she was by our side.

Having work done in a your new home can be a daunting and overwhelming task. (especially when you are 5 months pregnant with 4 other children and a busy law practice)  Krista, somehow made that task a joy, and relieved the stress and pressure from my husband and I. We know we will use her forever in our homes.

The Gorrono Family,
Centre Island, NY

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Krista was clear from the start that she would not take total control. She got a feel for my four bedroom London semi, and factored in the kind of furniture and style that I already had. She gave me options to choose from that ascended from the very subtle to the more extreme - helping me understand my own mind, and making me confident about choices.

I know what I find appealing in a home, and what looks good, but do not have enough of an artistic eye or the confidence to implement it. Krista helps with that, editing choices to enable me to create my own home.She is a delightful and easy person to work with.

David Wartnaby,
London, UK

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We hired Krista to help us  through the process of our wedding, We had a few ideas as a starting point (along with very particular tastes), but ultimately gave her carte blanche to set the scene for our happy union. Her advice and labor were invaluable on many levels, from giving us a necessary reality check or two (were we really considering having the ceremony at a random boat landing halfway up the coast?!), to putting us in touch with a local vendor who custom-made the wedding favors, to designing chic, affordable, and organic looking centerpieces that fitted in perfectly with our vision. She arrived early on the big day and worked with the site’s wedding coordinator to ensure everything was in place, eliminating any stress we could have faced. Our wedding was truly amazing, and we could not have pulled it off so beautifully without her guidance and hard work. We then had her do our apartment...

The Swift Family,
Washington, DC

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We bought an old New England home the required a huge amount of work. After the wallpaper was stripped and all the plaster was repaired,  I was struggling with choosing the right color palette.  I wanted to find color that not only expressed who we were but also felt respectful of the home’s traditional architecture.   Krista came to our rescue and did exactly that.  It’s been four years and I wouldn’t change a thing!

The Giles Family,
Kennebunkport, ME

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I own my own business, am busy and I hate shopping.  Krista, through her time, energy, passion and patience helped me create a space that is intrinsically me.  It was amazing to have someone there to veto and approve the things I loved, or help find alternatives and vice versa.  There were many things that through the process I just simply couldn't have cared less about, like a shower curtain.  It was nice to have someone narrow down the choices and be able to say "no, no, no....ok fine", instead of being faced with all the choices and overwhelmed by whether or not I was choosing the right shower curtain (that I didn't care about in the first place).  Krista makes the process much simpler, less painful and overwhelming.  You end up making clearer more informed choices, which saves you money in the long run and creates a space that you love.  Every morning I get to wake up in an apartment that makes me happy.  At the end of the day, I really think that is all that matters to Krista, and when you have that feeling her job is done.

New York, NY

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Krista has an uncanny ability to interpret her clients and their needs.  From the moment she steps into a project, she devotes her time to understanding and extracting the vision of her client and then seamlessly putting together a comfortable and stunning palette of ideas and suggestions, keeping her client involved in the process.  Krista's work is reflective of her clients vision with special touches that surprise and delight. She is very resourceful and practical.  Without hesitation, we would recommend Krista Stokes, whether you need to redo a room, a home, an office or a soiree....

The Rileys,
San Francisco, CA

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My wife Kati and I first worked with Krista when redesigning our living room.  She helped us meld some of our existing furniture and my paintings with new furniture and a new color scheme, reorienting the room and truly bringing it to life. We initially thought that the major architectural change would be the fireplace and mantel that we added as a centerpiece to the room, but to our surprise it was the color Krista chose for the walls that brought out the formal architectural details and crown molding which had been hiding in plain sight all along.  At the same time, the color adds a casual warmth and elegance to the room and makes you exhale and relax as soon as you enter.  We love our living room!

This positive experience gave us the courage to tackle the demo and redesign of our kitchen and dining room. It has been a long and difficult process but Krista has held our hand every step of the way. Throughout the design process, a meeting with Krista was like a righting of the ship.  She always refocused us on the goal of creating a living space based on the way that we live.  The project has finally begun and though we could not be more excited about all the new appliances, counter tops, furniture and beautiful colors that we have decided on, what really fills us with the confidence to begin the construction phase is that we can look at the design and know where we are going to toss our keys and mail when we walk in the door, where our friends will sit when they drop by and where we’re going to relax with our Sunday paper.  The room already seems inevitable and it hasn’t even been created yet. We recommend Krista whole heartedly.

The Allens,
Cape Neddick, ME

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After many years of living in a home void of style, Krista came in and gave our house a facelift. She was respectful of our desired budget and worked with our existing belongings first. The items she did shop for were picked with care and were reflective of our taste and lifestyle. I never knew that our home could be so comfortable, unique and beautiful! Krista is truly fantastic.

The Cote Family,
Charleston, SC

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I remember the day I walked back into my bedroom after leaving you to do your magic. I couldn't believe my eyes.  I cried - A transformation from the heart.   Everything was perfect, meaningful and had been hiding all along.  I couldn't wait to get you going on the rest of my new home.

Karen Andrews,
Kennebunkport, ME

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Krista is blessed with an incredible artistic talent wrapped up in one of the nicest persons I have ever met. Having her design for us, was a wonderful experience. We are so happy she is now a part of our home.

New York City, NY

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We now love our home! We struggled for years with how to best utilize the space and furnishings in our little home.  A friend recommended Krista and I am so thankful she did!  Krista met with us to get to know us and assess how we lived and utilized our furnishings and space. Using items we loved and already owned in new ways (as well as adding a new paint color and/or accessory here and there) Krista transformed the look, feel and flow of our living and dining areas.  After all those years of loving our home, but knowing it could be so much “better”, we could not be happier.  Thank you Krista, we now love the way we live!

The Falmore Family,
Saco, ME.

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Krista has a great eye and is a good listener.  She worked with us to make our home more comfortable, practical, and fun.   She found ways to highlight some of the favorite artwork we already had.  Krista transformed our living room and our kitchen,  her creative solutions to our challenges  were inexpensive compared to what we thought  we needed to spend. I recently had a group of friends over and one them remarked ‘ I love your house; it's really sweet, artsy, and homey...’,  which is something I know I would not have heard before we hired Krista.

Kennebunk, ME

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There are not enough words, that I know of anyway, to adequately express how I feel about the beauty of your work.  Having you help navigate us through all the little pieces and decisions in the building of our new home was invaluable. You helped us voice our style through tile, color, fabric and decor.   Your relationship with our builder was key to creating a very harmonized home.

Judy Sylvester,
Bailey's Island, Maine

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Your creativity, foresight and attention to detail were fantastic. The folks you were able to coordinate were perfect. Anyone who avails themselves of your services is in for a great experience and a phenomenal outcome. Every morning I wake up and walk in to a 5 star bathroom. Thank you...

A.T. Mc Hugh,
Kennebunkport, ME

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Krista has helped me with 3 different homes, all in very different spaces, one being in another country, at  very different times of my life. And I have loved them all. From the introduction of kids in the Cayman Islands, to a 2nd floor apartment upon my return , to my buying my first home on my own. Krista has made them a reflection of who I am and how I want to live all while respecting my resources and reusing or rearranging when she can. She listens so closely to what I have to say, notices what I am not saying and asks just the right questions to get the answer to what I need in my living space. I am constantly amazed at how she can possibly have made my homes so beautiful and so practical all at the same time, a feat I would never even attempt on my own. Being in beautiful, serene, lovely surroundings makes me feel so much more at peace and much more able to handle all that life might give me. She has made my home somewhere I truly want to be. Thank you, Krista!

The Boxall Family,
Kennebunkport, ME

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Krista does magic. There's no other word for what she does or how she does it. She has a way of figuring out exactly what you want, even when you have no idea what you want. She sees beauty, inspiration and potential everywhere, in everything.

She can transform any space, on any budget, to make it better in every possible way. More beautiful, more livable, more functional, more modern, more organized, more fun, more you.  She has grown with us as a family, and seen us through many changes, not only of real estate but as individuals. She truly is woven into our world

Gaby Grieken

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Krista of has vision in design and decorating that even Superman would envy. How she could "see" the beauty through the dull, tired place I called home is the sign of a gifted designer. She held my hands and guided me through vivid color palates in books and magazines that have made my home a happy place to live in. The colors and staging that she exacted in the place I call home are inspired. She took me shopping ,  adding small accents to make things "pop" with my existing decor. It was truly an "uglyduckling" transformation carried out with a calm, professional and reassuring demeanor. I actually suggested to Krista that she become a therapist as she gently but firmly pressed me into de-cluttering my kitchen.  I am grateful to Krista and her team for their expertise and insight. I still love what my house has become thanks to all of you...a home. Love you.

Boston, MA

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We have not touched a thing since you left...We still love what you helped us do in our home.

The Rothman Family,
Los Angelos, CA

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Over the course of five years we have had Krista come and take our dull boring house and make it into a cozy, fun house that we appreciate everyday.  Krista's flair for original colors and unique ability to choose things from our basement and make them part of our home again is one of her best assets!  Recently Krista came to our daughter's room and made her little baby room into a disco themed haven, that Grace does not leave willingly.  Really ,  if I could have a disco ball and shag carpet in my room I would not leave either.  Krista has made our house into a home that is welcoming and bright, we are forever grateful!

The Archer Family,
Kennebunkport, ME

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