Cynthia Horvath

The Voice of Reason

Cyn has worked with me for 7 years. She has out-lifted, ran, lasted, smarted, and outdone me most of that time.  She prefers being in the background, but do not mistake this for  shyness. She has plenty to say and always puts her best foot and opinion forward. Along with hanging, hauling, lifting, painting, fixing, gluing, sewing and any other thing that comes up, and trust me, there are a billion variables, she is a wonderful creative force who has never let me down.  Her eye and attention to detail are invaluable.  She certainly keeps me in my place as well as together. I cherish a good eye roll, and hers is top notch.  Over the years my clients also have fallen in love with her. (In addition to feeling safer knowing she handles the power tools and carries the fragile things).  She truly adds so much to every project. You would be hard pressed to find a bigger heart and loving soul.

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Tim Coppinger

Talks to Trees

I met Tim a few years ago. What a treat that was. When you meet him, you know immediately that someone unique has entered your scene. He's an artist and an outdoorsy type man. Luckily for me, he creates art straight from Mother Nature herself and loves to spend time in the woods and walking the beach.  He has made beds made out of slate, walls made out of shells and assisted me in styling sophisticated spaces with his amazing all-natural art. His take on the world and the way he approaches and honors living things is inspiring. I have asked him to do some crazy things for unique spaces and he has never batted an eye. He adds such great energy to any space he is in.

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Christy Reid and Industry Framing

An Eye On the Inside

Christy no longer comes on site with us. But she is there in spirit and support daily. She and I started out Favela Chic, 9 years ago, which was our 2nd hand furniture shop.  I am so fortunate to live out a dream of opening a business with one of my closest friends. She's an artist to her core, and everything she does, she does 100%. She left her active roll a few years ago but has remained in my loop, always there for advice and support. She recently started framing again, doing the world a favor. And who knows, maybe one day she will be back on site. Fingers crossed.

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Alex Miller

Above and Beyond

Alex went to boat building school.  So you can only imagine what she brings to making a table.  Imperfect is not in her vocabulary when it comes to any project she is given.  Whether it is a hand-carved menu board, a custom wine cabinet, fences, gates, or the  most stunning seat you have ever had, she is the craftswoman I would call. 

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jemJane of the Urban Jungle

Jane in addition to being a fantastic designer, has an amazing store in the South end of Boston. She hunts down, revitalizes, refurbishes, creates and makes thing happen. I'm in awe of her eye and love having her around to inspire me.

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Jessica and The Day Trip Society

daytripA friend and store that has 100% figured out.

Jess and her husband Andy moved back to Kennebunkport shortly after I moved here. They grew up here but moved to New York for a few years and worked in the music industry. Then the heavens opened up and they decided to come home and open one of the best shops I have ever seen. Truly amazing. Jess and I have the same quirky sense of humor and taste and I love the fact that she is out there in the world.

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Nicki and Spaces

spacesIt's best to not have One without the Other.

Nicki is a great friend and wonderful Interior Designer.  Having her in my life to talk industry smack is crucial to my well-being.  Her eye is impeccable and thankfully she recently opened an amazing shop with Anna Greenglass. Bringing Kennebunkport a much needed go-to stop for stylish furnishings. They carry one of my favorite lines, John Robshaw, and have all sorts of connections to beautiful things.

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Annie, Erica & Annibells

annibells2 fantastic women, 1 life saving Flower Shop.

Everyone needs a good place to go for flowers.  I think it’s just as important as a hair dresser or doctor.  And not only do these girls have fresh pretty flowers, they also carry many other items that make my heart hurt.  Events just look better when they are involved.

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Some people ooze style and talent. Others Sew It.

No matter what I have given her or collaborated with Vida on, it has come back better thank I could have envisioned it.  I met her years ago, drawn to her by her natural expression of herself.  She has been making all of my custom pillows, bedding, clothing or whatever we can dream up since.  She currently teaches sewing, puts a line of bags and accessories available on etsy and makes slip covers that fit like beautiful gloves.

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Janet Hoffer

You Are Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

Or a business card, logo, menu, invite, ad, portfolio etc.  If you need it, she can design it.  I have worked with Janet Planet for over 15 years, on more projects then either of us can count.  I trust her 100% when it comes to putting “on paper” whatever comes out of my mouth.  However garbled, she always seems to know what I am trying to convey.

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Tony and Snug Harbor Farm

snug-largeBirds of Feather

I have never met someone quite like Tony.  I truly appreciate being not only in his presence, but touring his green houses or viewing the landscapes he helps create.  He loves what he does, he lives what he loves, and is a God when it comes to free-thinking and design.  He throws rules and convention out the door and you never miss them when you see the result.

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Laura Savard

Art from the Heart

I am shamelessly in love with her art. I have commissioned her many, many times over the years, and have never been disappointed. Her need and love of creating shines through all she does.

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Robyn Friedman

You Are What You eat

If this is true, then you are in luck if you find yourself eating the food that Robyn has prepared. She is a private chef that also has a boutique catering service. I honestly do not know what she does to the food or how she does it, but whatever she makes, for however many people, it is always AMAZING. In my humble opinion at most catered events, the food is always "fine". Life is too short, catering too expensive, for the word fine- this food is FANTASTIC. The care, time, quality, and intent behind her cooking is evident with every bite. She is foodie and a friend that I respect lots.

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