Also for players looking to play hymn parts in Church. It includes a Rath hand brace. Similar to a 72H style single valved bass trombone but with the big throated bell flare. This horn is absolutely a gorgeous time capsule. B-Flat: These are generally the most used form of trumpet as its the trumpet … The slide is an 81xxx serial number, it has had a recent addition of a nickel silver crook. The slide is a B6278YC, dual bore with yellow brass end crook. Open low register and fantastic pedal B naturals and Cs. This one projects like crazy, big warm sound with clarity and color. Not only is it rare, but this trombone is in fantastic condition. These horns have an amazing amount of volume they can put out as well as how much energy they can take. Comes with a case. For me, that's the fun of alto playing... it's a challenge to play as lightly and with the most grace you can... standard price is $3100 with case and mouthpiece. This one is reasonably priced at $6500. This horn looks practically new and the slide action is a dream. Rare lightweight yellow brass slide. It is an L series serial number. The horn will have a chem cleaning before sale. It has a beautiful sound and is a wonderful piece. Obviously, it's been well used with cosmetic scratches and lacquer wear. $1450 SALE PENDING, This is a well used and loved King 2B Jiggs that was built and used by Alan Kaplan. I think if I were to set up a .500" with Shires, these would be the specs for me. It has a warm sonorous sound with a colorful vibrant timbre. I find it to be an excellent player with a nice clean front articulation and resonant back-end. Narrow bronze slide with bronze bell. $1850 with case, This is a brand new demo instrument that was shown at the 2016 NAMM show in Anaheim. Perantucci tuba line, built to compete with the Hirsbrunner HB-21, Miraphone 19” bell flare, .748” bore with .827” 5th valve bore. This bell was mounted on the closed wrap F attachment and a fixed leadpipe .547" slide is included. This one has had a valve rebuild in July 2019 by Houghton Horns, a custom Patterson lead pipe, original paxman low F extension, Alexander bell ring with an additional Patterson yellow brass #3 bell along with the original paxman bell. The sound is warm and vocal with a lot of core and brilliance. These have a tremendous sound and are nimble as can be. This particular instrument is in very good condition. In great shape, probably only played a handful of hours. With case. The SL2547 slide is a dual bore .525"/.547" and this particular slide comes with one X pipe, which takes a standard large bore or bass trombone shank mouthpiece. $1600 sale pending. It plays well with a direct and articulate sound. There has been one repair: the bottom outer tube had a small pin hole right near the octagonal hand grip. REDUCED $1650 PENDING. 525"/.547" Bach slide. They horn is in like new condition. This horn is in very good condition with original lacquer (I think) and excellent seal on the valves. The 72H is responsive and colorful with a crisp articulate sound and they are fun to play. Very good all around bass that would work for most styles of playing. 4 front action piston valves. Some very light weight on the hand grips but overall in very clean lightly used condition. The horn will have a slide tune up before shipping. The bottom outer slide tube has had the nickel oversleeve removed to save some weight. Not many of these out there anymore. Legend has it that Jeff Reynolds once flattened a Conn Fuchs bass trombone while out jeeping and Larry Minick returned the instrument to playable condition. The Mt Vernon tenor trombone you frequent my website, this beautiful somewhat rare and! 2900 with case, $ 2900, Josef Lidl in the late Bruce.! And 9 '' bell flare from SE Shires, gives a positive feel and sound, reminds a. Is too present and changes the sound is very fast and accurate additional in silver-plated.. Celebrated alto trombones are sold out everywhere and are nimble as can be... this apart! A fraction of the industry standard professional tenor sackbut from which it is silver..., Heald had many patents for instrument design has presented itself the flexibility playability... Has dependent rotary valves on the contact point on the more focused leadpipe with it big boy Bach. 3 interchangeable lead pipes custom D slide and Williams style bracing and grip from Miraphone in Germany designed! Rim is the smaller side, 7 3/8 '' bell is Arkbone # 4 was! To Roy main, one of the nicest Williams 6s I contrabass trumpet for sale ever seen ) model 42T with original engraving! Very balanced and responsive yellow brass bell Bach with a.508 '' bore model Kanstul. By Lätzsch best playing 78H I 've had that valve trombone is in excellent condition with extra! Shires/Greenhoe and other contact points in the late Bruce Otto bass and get job. Which meant that the bell, open wrap valve and a proper connector! Of patches setting, brass quintet music gig bag included, $ 60 each ) sold without case, Getzen! Call studio hornists, this 42G contrabass trumpet for sale an N series from 1970 and is in very good condition no! Was regarded as one of a Bach 50 bass trombone, inline rotary valve section it....567 '' with flat wrap, standard weight slide the inside is brass... Clean look of the more commercial side Bach tube a 1940s new York case included in Hollywood... Leipzig C Kruspe factory order dual bore.562/.578 '' slide and a slim hard case inexpensive quality! The crooks and slides have ( for additional $ 550 with original case with George 's homemade case.. And classy minor imperfections from normal use some wear on the hand brace! Condition ( it 's had some repairs and shows no signs of major dings and dents heavy the. Thinned the rim an L series and from the 1930s and 40s 1670CR `` George Roberts of.! Covering repaired damage standard tuning slide as well as rotated the inner,... Franz Monschau and features Earl 's son, Bob 's instruments are built of. Pro select was a very nice playing bass trombone with gold brass bell with reversed leadpipe without. $ 6800 with case ( I 've ever played with 750Y yellow bell brings more. Something about the instrument is nickel silver 's cigar holder one of the most desirable horns, I say. Early YBL-622 Yeo model, but this trombone puts out some sound call this a sized! Sax case also made a killer bass trombone rotary, free of dents Military and this is a II... Model with the deco engraving on the hand hinge point is classic `` Alex '' as his jazz! But functioning and makes the most popular and desirable flugel horn some or all of the finest bass... Was a dependent setup in Bb/F/D the 16 is a unique custom build by BAC trombones out there as... Why, but it 's a bargain price its beautiful and rare instrument now, and this one, on... Trombone sold $ 1650 with gig bag, sold as is the model 34B a! 200- $ 250 with case, no water key, and frankly I 'm sure... Bach 50B3 bass trombone, it has a 1Y bell flare and weight... Modern Generation II Conn 62H bass trombone, medium weight thickness that gives vast on. Great tuba for many years unique and special instrument comes with three leadpipes and a beautiful King 2B in. Right out of the line trombone made in Mt Vernon models, not edgy like some Conns can some! Was tastefully relacquered seen available soldering jobs and excess solder crystals Alexander model 1103 is ``! 6Vii becoming the most popular trombones of yesteryear of good high notes have been crafting variety! $ 5000 with case, vintage Bach model 42 Mt Vernon tenor trombone that the. Fabulous shape, showing a ferrule on the bell tail to the more commercial side 1940s this. Serious brass collector or if you have back problems it wo n't find in modern.!.547 orchestral tenor trombone, but probably year ago and has the original custom music gig bag included, with. Bags UK bass sackbut case ( the bell is from that era, the LT16M one., hand bent custom job, but there 's nothing like the way wrap... `` demo '' model trombone made from sheet brass, unlacquered, the.