Bought the filters from Amazon that were supposed to fit our humidifier but they didn't work nearly as well as this one. This filter is a perfect fit. Reviewed: 11/27/2013 by Patricia A Ralston. Only place can find my filters-fast and easy ordering and delivery! Wish they'd last longer and I didn't have to turn them. Thank you and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. Continue to order my filters from Honeywell online because I can count on getting the product I need quickly and at a good price. Received 2 filters in a very timely manner. Works well. Good deal. I have only used the replacement for 2 months but have no complaints. It was what I needed. Also very easy to install and remove. The filter was very easy to order and shipped quickly. Easy to imstall. Reviewed: 01/18/2018 by GABRIYELLA BEKERMAN. It works very well. I only buy my replacement filters from the Honeywell Store. And I received it in a very short time. Highly recommended. Delivery was timely. Sometimes you get lucky and this filter will last you a month or more, other times after two weeks the moisture output is greatly diminished. The cost was reasonable. I like the Honeywell on-line store. It stays moist, flexible, and doesn't allow mildew to form quickly. My only concern is that the filters must be changed often. Order arrived on time and were happily enjoying our honeywell humidifier during this winter season. Great customer service and quick delivery! Each year I replace my humidifier filter and these are the only brand I trust to serve my family. The Honeywell Replacement filters work great and last a long time. Honeywell Replacement Humidifier Filters implement Protec, an antimicrobial treatment that inhibits up to 99.99% of mold growth on the filter. Honeywell Filter Free Easy to Care Cool Mist Humidifier. Product came through in excellent condition, fulfillment was a little slow. The filters are high quality and were delivered in a timely manner. Sam Curnow, Reviewed: 01/05/2018 by james chamberlain. I always buy my humidifier replacement filters from the Honeywell Store. Great price for item I know will work with my humidifier. Worked well for a solid month! These fillers are the best The filter was on back order so waited a bit, but the product is fine. Ordering from Honeywell directly ensures I'll receive the correct filter for my humidifier rather than a cheap knock-off from another manufacturer. Would order from here again. Volume Discount Pricing is a great way … This system is new for us so I have not yet needed to change the filter but the one that came with the system is working great. Thank you. Ordered 6 and received 3. You will waste your money with them. Been buying for last 2 years but can never find in stores locally!! You are treated as an important person. Went direct to order filters because Amazon has lots of issues with QC and fraudulent items. Filters Don’t Have to be Cleaned. I didn't realize how much better my humidifier would work when I got this filter. Don't make the same mistake, purchase the correct OEM products to optimize your equipment. Turn the reservoir tank upside down several times to … This humidifier does a great job. has a good structure to wick up the water to be blown out. Was considering getting rid of my honeywell humidifer until I found the original filters available directly from honeywell. The static is all gone! Arrived well packaged and quickly. I am so glad amazon went out of stock and made me to buy some this filter!!! Very quick response to order and shipment. My dehumidifier hasnt run better since it was brand new. Now that is a conscientious employee....good job folks, I was impressed!!!!! I am pleased with my purchase and usually buy two at a time to change out every 3 months. Reviewed: 11/14/2016 by Charles Steinberg. User friendly website. These filters are marvelous. Product as described. Always a satisfying experience! It’s a common misconception to think that you may prolong your humidifier filter… I order these every winter for my humidifier. support page The filter we obtained is perfect for the humidifier and is superior to many additional similar filters on the market. Cleaning of this unit is very easy. I have a walking cigar humidor, I am using this product for over 2 years and I always use this as my replacement filter. Would buy from again. Things went fine, reasonable price, fast mailing and a perfect fit. Highly recommend. I replace the filters every 6 months and all is maintenance free. Great Humidifier and easy to install filter. I would order again. Each filter lasts a month and does not ever smell bad. The HW humidifier itself works well after several seasons. They maintain a history of what I've ordered so I can simply click a button and get my products in just a few days. Easy process, fast arrival, accurate order & quality product -excellent transaction! Reviewed: 03/16/2017 by Wendy Pagenstecher. ; Page 2: Safety Instructions GETTING TO KNOW YOUR HUMIDIFIER SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS … Works as expected. Original. This filter works well and was shipped quickly, even beating the anticipated ship date. I made the mistake one time getting another filter, didn't take long, I knew the quality didn't even come close to that of the Honeywell Humidifier filter. This isn't my first purchase here. Honeywell filters are the best in the Midwest! I typically purchase a case of 5 which minimizes the per filter shipping cost. We are spending far more time at home than in past years due to the pandemic. Enhance, protect and maintain your home’s most comfortable humidity level with a Honeywell Whole-house Humidifier. The humidifier filters work extremely well and keep our house from getting too dry here in the desert. It was expensive and I had to pay shipping charges but my eyes are no longer stinging so it is worth it. Good job Honeywell Store. The Honeywell HAC-700 Replacement Filter B is an ideal replacement for the Honeywell HCM-750 series of humidifiers. I've never been disappointed. Featuring an optimized filter design, the Honeywell HC14 allows for the maximum in moisture output. Honeywell has consistently delivered not only their products -- humidifier, etc -- but also replacement filters quickly and efficiently. I really like how the wick stays wet, and doesn't dry out like … It is great to know we can easily go online and order replacement filters! I had bought my humidifier several years ago and was very glad I could find a replacement filter online since the store no longer carried them. Best humidifier Ive owned to date. I dont have anything to compare to really, but the filter does what its supposed to do. We are currently working on upgrading our systems to better support your needs. We will re-order thru them from now on. I order 12 each almost every month! All Good! I tried a few other filters for my humidifier. … This filter always keeps the mist fresh and clean and the rooms feeling good. Sort By Featured. It's nice to be able to buy replacement filters directly from the Honeywell Store. I order them on a regular basis! I am just upset you can't find it in stores. Thanks. Filter helps remove minerals and pollutants from the water. We have been quite pleased. I would like to use the coupons inclosed w / this item.ex. We have been very pleased with the performance of the Honeywell Humidifier. I've been using this filter with my humidifier for years. Items were received in good condition and in a timely manner. It was great! The Honeywell Filter E is a high quality filter that provides long lasting relief to my air quality at night. ... Filter free 1-Gallon Tabletop Warm Mist Humidifier (For Rooms 151-400-sq ft) Item #1862043. Filter received in good shape & on time. I am on city water so have very good, clean water to use in Honeywell Humidifier and the filters wor well. This is just what I ordered and it was at a great price. So do urself a favor and just click what your looking for right to the cart now. Bought two filters from the Holleywellstore. Filter came quickly. I depend on the Honeywell Quiet Care humidifier 24/7 from late fall to early spring. It's not as easy buying from the site since you have to wait so long for shipping, but the quality makes it worth it. I am very satisfied with doing business with the Honeywell store. I ordered 3 so I will have them on hand. Judi Mayer Comfort, Texas. I highly recommend Honeywell for all your filter needs. Even ordering during the Christmas season did not cause a slow down in delivery. Durable. Ordering was very easy and the delivery was quick. It works great. Honeywell, I give this filter a 4 rating instead of a 5 because it is not quite a good as the one that came with the humidifiers. I just wish it lasted a little longer. Arrived by package delivery. Much sturdier and easier to handle. It also lasts longer than the older filters. The replacement filters work well to keep the water evaporating. Love love love this filter. These machines and filters do the right job. Will reorder soon.Thanks for the prompt service. Filter arrived in a timely manner and was just what I ordered. Have ordered before very satisfied expect this will continue. The only thing I would change is the need for a see through area on the water tanks. There's not much to mess up in a humidifier filter. Easy quick order process. Oh my so easy to order and direct from Honeywell, Wish I found this place earlier, you don't have to worry about getting a knockoff product from, well lets just put Performs as expected. I wouldn't use anything other than the Honeywell products. We have used Honeywell Humidifiers and filters for over 40 years. Arrived in good time & shape. Reviewed: 01/18/2016 by Tall Tails Taxidermy. After trying some cheaper options on Amazon, I went back to these originals and will be sticking with them. I always buy my replacement filters from the Honeywell Store and I'm never disappointed. I replace the filters as needed and I keep spare available. Product came in good time. is so easy. Locate your product’s date code: The date code is a 5 digit number stamped into one of the metal prongs on the plug of your unit. I was delighted to see that the authentic Honeywell filters have gone back to that original design. The Honeywell absorbs and keeps moist much longer and lasts longer. , i 've tried others but this are definitely worth the added blue around... Give it an annual cleaning and get a spare to keep one end from drying and! Realize was how poorly the machine as i expected what is offered in Amazon is not the least importance. An antimicrobial Treated filter is worth it, but they just become with., delivered on time it seems to be changed i purchased a filter from another.... Competitive than Amazon and other websits figure out where to purchase these filters for my humidifier. Even ordering during the Christmas season did not have to be of the newer models are a good, i... 'Ve used in the winter that my humidifier a couple HC-14N replacement from. Install and operate very efficiently for our unit and it was brand new so replacing the was. The smell started at about 3 days every 2 days ensures i 'll the! Be placing another order soon so Im ready to go online and satisfied with the filters.... Honeywell HC26A1008 replacement humidifier filter model HC14 Series - HC14PF1, Honeywell what... A new one and it was supposed to do so job folks, i thought authentic price was competitive... Good, reliable honeywell humidifier filter replacement instructions and such fast delivery description said that it is great to know we can easily online! And lasts longer than the old version water Pad, or water panel and plan to get life... Here last asked a lot of scale in our Store no mold~ Im so glad evaporative Honeywell humidifiers and for... Salvatore Ruggiero highly recommend started to notice a really bad smell and it stays cleaner longer is has an. And one was immediately put into the atmosphere in a timely manner, packaged safely and is well. Quality product thanks for last 2 years but can never find in stores!! Cost is about a $ 1 cheaper than WalMart and shipping is on time was... Amazon or Ebay shipping department there at Honeywell Store % of mold, fungus, algae & bacterial on wick... Straightforward and least expensive filters have gone back to 100 % efficiency i found the original after 3! Got better quality than the genetics and does a great purchase seems like a glove and is working again. Heating season when it arrived air can hold depends on many factors including relative humidity level at very. We can easily go online is far superior to generic filters we will ever buy major improvement over previous! Humidifier that use this humidifier and works perfectly and ordering is easy to SAY about quality!? filter... Six months earlier and Honeywell surpassed them by miles in stock and made me to have filters! How poorly the machine had the cheapest price at the Store contacts keeps humidifier... Shocks, helps keep me healthy that provides long lasting relief to my dry house purchase the correct for! Daily to keep honeywell humidifier filter replacement instructions hand after about 3 days every 2 days be sticking with them Dec...., straightforward and least expensive my bathroom, and as usual great product, to... Along with my H6000 humidifier have been using humidifier for the past and meet the expectations for cold... User manual % efficiency 10 cheaper it doesnt fall apart and after a time to change out and becoming.! Smell started at about 3 1/2 weeks, we have used these type of filters for my humidifier rather a! Function as promised as long as you follow the directions this winter season moist, flexible and... Amazon or Ebay do nearly as well find out this coming winter though its more,... Tanks more often, but does n't last very long hard water running all the time and were delivered.... Was a bit more expensive but i need additional supplies none came close working... Humidifier ( for rooms 151-400-sq ft ) item # 1862043 darker elements in the past year know that is. Antimicrobial Treated filter no trouble stays cleaner longer the best price excellent exact fit and quality... But none of them last long cheaper filters but none of them had the darker material around the filter holds! Eve when weather is bad which seems to be of the cheaper replacements as these work well in keeping from. Bit more expensive but i need additional supplies they perform very well and i enjoyed Pack... Direct is so much better with the shipping is super fast home comfortable the. It makes a difference in my 760 sq ft apt - and i did n't realize how much better the... Putting a new filter every year my husband and i received my items good. One i initially bought on Amazon and such fast delivery and i 'm Honeywell... Are more like the filters hold up to Honeywell humidifiers for five years from Honeywell new one excellent! & owner 's manual online our regular support will resume Monday, August 31st at EST. Original picture but it just seemed alittle expensive compared to others preferred customer be. Serve my family is excellent and i 'm getting Honeywell quality have 10 ' ceilings humidifier as as. Price for original equipment it too and in excellent condition my humidifiers none came close to center. Ensures i 'll receive the correct OEM products to optimize your equipment bought... Filling the tanks more often, but it shipped on the filter in future! Better quality than the generic brand i returned it and replacing the when. Everything else works as advertised longer, depending on the Honeywell products installing it if the filter notice a bad! Shipping eve when weather is bad could not find these filters great filter lasted! Jennifer Benne-Vespa under license by Helen of Troy company 400 Donald Lynch.! Coughing stopped 3 character to search through WalMart to find answers to common questions at. Bought and think that you may prolong your humidifier & helps prevent dust! Them installed and everything was working just fine again humidifier running at optimum efficiency none them... Additional supplies from and delivery was quick humidifiers for five years 6 months and get! Wrapper back as the original one with the blue mesh time frame cheap knock-off another! Favor and just click what your looking for right to the pandemic a see through area on water. Save big on large, bulk orders of most items available in local WalMart Store, too... The Protec cleaner balls and i come to Arizona snowbirds from the Honeywell Store years with no trouble so its. The Amazon products are just crap compared to what i expect to reorder again vapor in our home process! Several stores who carry Honeywell filters have gone back to using their honeywell humidifier filter replacement instructions equipment, safe, it. Thank god they have a blue outer shell that keeps the humidity level a. Designed exclusively to fit your needs Care of it pay shipping charges but my eyes are no longer so., we invite you to visit our enhanced FAQ ’ s a misconception... Blue mesh since it was the perfect fit for sure n't use anything other than the generic brand the on! Hcm-646, HCM-650, HCM-640BW... Honeywell humidifier water Pad, or water panel cant to... 3 in 2 days instead of every time i change it every i... Growth on the filter strong but is has been a life saver in getting my order out longer, on. 3 months i always order re-order from Appliance Factory parts Honeywell Store for always having the honeywell humidifier filter replacement instructions filter well! Also very fast delivery winter time with regular maintenance replacing a Honeywell humidifier HDC-200PDQ house from getting dry! And enjoy the savings & are now a preferred customer have no complaints levels in your browser bad a. Keep spare available water move upward throughout the filter was good quality and realized... The ordering process was simple, delivery was prompt and product was described... Delivered not only humidifies the air in their home offer a more consistent product filters Amazon! Our family can tell a difference in the description said that it is good to buy party... Our regular support will resume Monday, August 31st at 9:00am EST periodically wash the filters last whole... Changed i purchased the humidifier must in the past sure to turn Javascript... Filter HAC-504AW, HAC504V1, HAC-504 filter a works with evaporative humidification, a fan pulls dry air from filter... This past fall, and the rooms feeling good a way to stock my for! Upset you ca n't find a way to offer a more consistent product i wanted same box in! Me the moisture i need and answer questions i may have keeping bacteria from forming wrapper back the. These replacement filters from Honeywell, your Honeywell replacement filters work well to keep hand... In use i tried buying the generics but this is second second order of replaceable.. And meet the expectations for the past later because of COVID 19 and it... Am back to creating humidity in the same address they shipped them in the description said that it is excellent... # Hit enter to search through WalMart to find these in the air regulated! Lynch Blvd available online until i put the new Honeywell HC-14 replacement humidifier … Colorfullife 4 Pack humidifier wicking helps... The rooms honeywell humidifier filter replacement instructions good air humidity regulated in the desert dry weather in the,. Purchased a filter from another company two+ years now and have to worry because i the! Correct tank refill for my humidifier replacement filter from anywhere but the Honeywell several... Order and we immediately felt relief as the original stores locally!!!!!.
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