DENNIS BRAIN died in the early hours of Sunday morning, 1 September, 1957. The facts reveal that Dennis Brain did indeed die from a car crash; however this was on September 1st, 1957. He made what many consider the definitive recordings of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's horn concerti. His accuracy was legendary, as was his tone. 2008/1/20 (Sun) 4 horn concertos by Mozart: This is Nippon Columbia OL-3214 issued in May 1962. Dennis Brain (1921 – 1957) was a very distinguished British horn player and was largely responsible for popularizing the horn as a solo classical instrument with the public. Brain was born in London on May 17, 1921, and died in a car accident Sept. 1, 1957. The essential sound of both ensembles transformed in 1951 when Dennis Human brain switched from utilizing a French-made horn to a German one. Paul’s book “Many Years From Now” relates how premier horn player Dennis Brain was originally booked for the “For No One” session but that he died in a car crash just before the day arrived. tweet; Related Articles. The horn mangled in the car crash. Apart from horns Dennis had one big passion: he loved cars. Brain also made the two horn concertos by Richard Strauss very popular. I have in my hands the horn of Dennis Brain. ‘The Siegfried of the horn’ is how Sir Thomas Beecham affectionately dubbed Dennis Brain, the brilliant horn player whose career ended with such cruel suddenness when the car in which he was driving home overnight from the 1957 Edinburgh Festival crashed into a tree on the outskirts of London. Sitter in 10 portraits A distinguished horn player, Brain was a member of the RAF Orchestra during the Second World War, where he played incidental music by Britten for American radio broadcasts. Dennis Brain was the third in a line of great horn players. Brain: a tribute by David Pyatt 'Dennis Brain’s legacy is unique in the annals of horn playing. His TR2 slid off the road in heavy rain and hit an oak. Share. He was killed in a car accident aged 36. He was the second to perform the Horn Concerto No. His hobby: motoring Edit. 6 mins ago. An inquest was unable to … It was almost midnight on Christmas day, 1983, and Dennis Wilson’s head was a bloody mess. With the collaboration of Herbert von Karajan and the Philharmonia Orchestra, he produced what many still consider to be the definitive recordings of Mozart's horn concerti. Dennis Brain (1921-1957), Horn player. The earliest sessions date from 21 June 1943 and the last from 22 August 1957, just days before his fatal car crash whilst returning from the Edinburgh Festival of that year. On September 2, 1957, the Yomiuri Shimbun conveyed that British world-famous horn player Dennis Brain died of an car accident from Edinburgh festival on his way to London. About The four discs in the Dennis Brain set comprise all the recordings he made for EMI in the 14 short years he was active in the studio. 2 in public in 1948. He was the first horn player who convinced audiences, conductors, composers and recording producers that they needn’t run for cover when the horns start playing! His single B flat Alexander. His father was Aubrey Brain and his grandfather was Alfred Brain Sr. Dennis Brain's uncle, Alfred Jr., was also a great horn player. The ensemble didn’t survive Brain’s loss of life in an car accident in 1957. George Balanchine. Dennis Brain (17 May 1921 – 1 September 1957) was a British virtuoso horn player who was largely credited for popularizing the horn as a solo classical instrument with the post-war British public.
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