She drained the oil, put on the drain plug, filled the engine with fresh oil and thought she was done, except she forgot one crucial step, a fresh washer on the oil drain plug. ... definitely hand-tighten your oil filter, and don't forget to add a bit of oil to the filter's seal before installing. A dealer (allegedly) forgot to tighten some propshaft bolts on mine, so I'd happily believe a routine job like an oil drain plug could be left loose. Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear. Plus oil. I reported mine to Škoda UK who were very interested to hear about my experience. level 2. I assume that almost no one uses a torque wrench to tighten oil drain plugs, but instead knows how tight they are supposed to be through experience. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! I was handed off to their fine insurance company CMI. Hey guys I just changed my oil for the first time and everything went fine except im not 100% sure about the drain plug. Changed the oil in my wifes car, and didn't tighten the oil plug. Jiffy lube university has videos and multiple modules just on the oil change process. Let the oil drain out into the oil pan until it stops trickling out. The store initially denied liability but finally fessed up that it was their fault. I then replaced the oil drain plate. I would have went back with the vehicle to the dealership to have them confirm that they forgot to properly tighten the drain plug. The plug fell out twenty mile later and locked up the engine. If I couldn't pull a duplicate oil sample for my own analysis, I would have towed it out of there to ensure that I … They have the most lowest end techs doing that stuff. My mechanic informs me today that the oil drain plug dropped out on the highway, causing the sudden loss of all oil from the engine. Store # 757 in Pleasanton, Tx. On the other hand, I had a close call last night. That oil is $$$. I had them forget to put a seal back on a drain plug which I supplied Mobil1 once on a car. I've never done an oil change before but I want to learn. Not sure if it’ll be okay until the next 5000 service or if I should bring it up tomorrow. I think I was lucky. What a … I can’t remember if I tightened it, and it’s bothering me. Remove the oil plug to drain the oil out, then replace the plug. The engine seized and will need to be replaced ($3,000). I think the oil change module is like around an hour of clicking pages after the timer runs out. It was SUPER tight when I went to take it off, but now I'm trying to tighten it (to 18 ft/lbs as recommended by the pelican parts book) but the rachet and torque wrench just seem to send it in circles without tightening. Leaked all over the driveway. If you accidentally forgot to tighten an oil drain plug on a customer’s car, how long would it take to fall off? Without it, you can over-tighten a drainplug and strip the threads on your aluminum oil … That was when I saw the wrench sitting next to me and realized I had not used it. Don't forget to replace the oil drain plug! Go get a reimbursement for it at dealer. How they handle it going forward will be interesting. The process is to check and re-tighten to make sure the plug and filter after a start and checking for leaks after 10 seconds of running. Use a square-end wrench (a socket wrench without the socket) to loosen and remove it. I drained the oil, changed the filter and then put the plug back in finger tight before grabbing a rag to clean up any oil before tightening. This may take 10-30 minutes.
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