.. the two surfaces have to be smooth and flat against each other; if these surfaces have been sanded to make them fit, all dust should be removed, ideally vacuumed using a brush attachment. Thanks so much, brilliant info here. These solid polystyrene - styrofoam balls can be painted with acrylic paints or decorated with endless craft and modelling materials. If, because of the shape of the pieces, it is difficult to clamp without damaging the surface, masking tape or cling-film could be used to bind them together but these could give way a little and there may well some shifting as the foam expands. 3M’s ‘Craft Mount’, which is the strongest of their range, is particularly suited because it has a little more body. Interesting, your mention of what they call ‘Desert foam’ .. it almost sounds like they’re mimicking ‘Oasis’ which is a brand name for a rigid foam marketed as basis for floral arrangements .. but Oasis is not polystyrene I believe, instead it’s apparently made with ‘phenolic resin’. Ribbons, rickrack, and/or cord. HOW TO MAKE STYROFOAM CHOCOLATES: 1. To get an even, lump-free cream with water it’s best to ‘condition’ some of it first either in a bowl with a spoon or on a clean glass plate with a spatula or palette knife. [1] X Research source But the surface will still be very susceptible to scratches or dents. If you have any questions you can get in touch via the forms on the site. That’s a kind of totem isn’t it? Before decoupaging a Styrofoam ball you may want to apply a paint designed for use on this material, even if it is only a base coat that you cover with other decorative treatments such as glitter. ( Log Out /  The foam is pink in the US because of the Pink Panther Mascot for Owens Corning. I’ve found Ultratape ‘Rhino’ very reliable so far. Feathers available at craft stores come in two main textures: smooth and fluffy. Thanks so much for your great tutorials! Our light and smooth Styrofoam balls also represent the same theme of chance and prosperity that embraces our life, greets us with its utter fullness and intensity. On its own Paverpol is quite viscous (a little more so than straight Pva glue usually is) but with careful brushing can be worked into a detailed surface without clogging it noticeably. If you just need a little to try-out the methods illustrated here a piece of 25mm blue styrofoam 300x600mm costing just £2.90 (Oct2015) will be more than enough! Craft Foam Ball - Smooth Styrofoam Polystyrene Balls for Craft and Project (5" - 12 Balls) 4.7 out of 5 stars 194. (a bit more expensive than in UK, around 20€ for approx indicated size) happy me :)) thans for your help. This may be true of some, but I’ve used both general-purpose (GP) polyester resin and special types of polyurethane resin many times for this, mixing in very small amounts and applied like a varnish .. with consistently good results! Paint over it with the glue mixture after you finish covering with paper, then let it dry. If you discover anything not mentioned, please let me know. Master Card. This may look painstaking, but it wasn’t really .. it look a while, but the plastic sanded comfortably. Epoxy glue is very tough though, so it is no good in any area that needs to be cut or sanded through! After the glue is on, sprinkle on the sparkly glitter! Craft glue I chose this brand because of its low viscosity, designed to cure even in very thin sections. How to attach ribbon to styrofoam ball. Spraymount (the permanent type) is also an option provided that the two surfaces are flat and smooth and that both are sprayed before pressing together. A smooth styrofoam ball (I used a 3″) Narrow ribbon. You can also use elmers glue to coat the styrofoam ball in. I’ve noticed here that it’s sometimes cheaper and there are likely to be more choices from these suppliers than from builder’s merchants. Here is a link to it if you would like to see it. To get a smooth, right-angled edge on the form I’ve fashioned yet another ‘custom’ tool .. this time sandpaper fixed to a short length of Pvc pipe which has been sliced at a right-angle. The most reliable way of gluing separate styrofoam parts together is to use a special ‘foam friendly’ glue such as UHU Por. You will need: styrofoam balls. It is a long-established practice amongst carpenters and, in more recent times, restorers to neatly excise a damaged area .. i.e. Most fillers tend to shrink, to varying extent .. inevitable if they rely for hardening on the evaporation of a solvent. mixing Gorilla glue with Pva .. I’ll give it a go next time! This package contains one 6 inch Styrofoam ball. I was looking for better ways to cut foam and ended up building a hot wire cutter. Very informative. I also used a foot and a half or so of another ribbon to decorate the middle of the ornament, and for the hanger. Styrofoam ball Craft glue Long, smooth feathers. I don't know that they are available in as many sizes and styrofoam. EPS is much softer, more fragile and has coarser, larger ‘cells’. This is a guide about using Mod Podge on Styrofoam. These will flex with the shape, unlike sandpaper. It will not impart the same degree of toughness when painted on styrofoam because it doesn’t infiltrate far into the surface, but a couple of coats using Paverpol will be stronger than either regular Pva or acrylic alone. Perfect for craft projects, floral projects and more! Purchase a craft acrylic paint in your desired color. Pearl beads, tassel balls and tassels. Will come here for more ideas and tips! Relevance. Sorry David, I meant, what do you think would be the best material to make a house and a garden? A few observations are necessary though! You’d be better with house mainly cardboard and balsa wood for the shingles. Thanks for your great tutorials, they are extremely helpful! Allow the coat to dry for four hours. Have done so .. see my post ‘Cutting smooth holes in foam’ Jan 17. This should be a gradual slope (over 5-10mm) and on the inside .. the outside diameter remains constant. I just tried using a wood glue (Weldbond) and it worked well. This package contains six 2-1/2 inch Styrofoam balls… Floracraft-Smooth Styrofoam Ball. Thank you again! After this a second coat was applied and then a third, which was left as before. 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Again thank you for such a great post! Standard outside diameters start at 22mm and normally end at around 44mm .. before they become something else, i.e. Craft Foam Ball - Smooth Styrofoam Polystyrene Balls for Craft and Project (3" - 12 Balls) 4.7 out of 5 stars 352. mike1942-f. Lv 5. Yes, I’ve got it in my ‘Suppliers’ section .. We are the largest supplier of retail Styrofoam Craft balls in California and we ship all over the United States. I read about the glues you use and recommend. Because of its smooth … Made in USA. These are easy to make, involving only a thin strip of sandpaper glued to a former. I made a ‘sanding former’ by gluing the strip onto the edge of a prepared shape, in this case a half-circle corresponding to the diameter of the ‘bowl’ I wanted. Ok .. not styrofoam, too chunky for those! UK Suppliers: FGF insulation ( Trafford park manchester ) But here in the US everyone who uses the white styrofoam or the pink insulation foam all know the difference between all the different kinds of foam and if they dont specifically say, which they usually do, we know just by the color what they are using. Okay, let’s begin crafting! I find it odd though that I can find this more readily when searching US sites but the blue stuff so rarely .. as if Dow manufactures its blue styrofoam exclusively for export rather than the home market? I ended up getting the stryofoam free from a company that builds barges for houses – So far the styrofoam worked great now I just have some sanding of the details and then painting – they look great. 2. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. They stock the standard blue in a range of sheet sizes from a rare 1mm to 165mm thick. There is a product available at the craft store made specifically to smooth the styrofoam for painting. Confusingly, in the US ‘styrofoam’ is the name often used for the more familiar white, packaging polystyrene properly referred to as expanded polystyrene or EPS. Yes, go with the Fine Surface filler from Polycell. The next job is to file the ‘teeth’ and I would recommend using a small-size power drill and a diamond-coated bit .. if you have those things. For each of the ‘teeth’ shown below I held the drill bit or file at a slant outwards from the centre of the ring and also slanting forwards around the ring, as saw teeth normally are. .. particularly odd for the US considering it’s an American company, Dow Chemicals, who makes the blue insulation foam and who trademarked its name! For example, the pigment will stain a porous prototype, so you have to bear this in mind if you want to keep it or if it’s an object of value. I used a small brush and painted one surface lightly with it then just fiddled with them till they lined up. After trialling a few ways of making the ‘cutting’ edge, I found this to be the best method. Wikipedia has it basically right, with an interesting and informative article here: I found that blue styrofoam will respond to sanding with even quite a thin strip of sandpaper if this is supported. Bladed implements like knives, box cutters, precision blades (like X-acto knives) or hacksaws are great for cutting through styrofoam, especially if you don’t need to make any curved cuts. Like almost everything we use, styrofoam is not made for us makers specifically .. it is a roof insulation material, hence it’s not usual to find it in thicknesses less than 25mm or more than 100mm. Where to buy styrofoam in the UK and abroad. I tried it yesterday because I’d been working with it and it works perfectly on either styrofoam or polyurethane foam .. no damage to the surface, and a very strong bond. You are right, the Fine Surface Polyfilla is not available in my neck of the woods. The tutorials instruct you to cut a line all the way around the ball using an exacto knife and then do this again, separating the ball into quarters. Craft Balls LACrafts.com has been a trusted source of official Styrofoam Balls for over 23 years! No other I’ve tried works as well as this .. sticks well to anything, fairly quick drying, not too tough to sand etc. For me, this was harder than the tutorials make it seem. Books were fine when change was relatively slow! For rectangular chocolates, use a block of Smooth … Rough Styrofoam will work for almost any pattern where no section of fabric is only one layer thick. You are greatly appreciated. Coating first with non-waterproof Pva glue and then painting will do a little more, and the same applies if coated with Pva or a water-based varnish afterwards. The side edges are not parallel but a little tapered, so that a wedge-shaped block can be slid into position. Favorite Answer. It should be sprayed on both sides to be joined (different to how it’s normally used), and it’s best to wait a little i.e. Nice work. For more technical details see .. http://www.hendersons.co.uk/pipework2/page2.html. The block needs to be slid into position, as I’ve said, but not pressed down until it’s tight against the channel edges. 2- and 3-inch Styrofoam balls. Casting resin is not usually considered as a medium for thin coating, mainly because it’s thought that it will fail to cure properly under a certain thickness. Fabric balls template. If it does moisture will contaminate the bottle and some of the glue will set inside .. as I found out when I tested it for the first time! Use gesso which is used to make a smooth canvas surface for painting. It is content like this that makes the internet a tremendous asset to us all. I painted these with Humbrol matt enamel, which is thin enough not to clog surface detail or add any additional texture but opaque enough for a rich and streak-free coverage. Pingback: Styrofoam: Build forms that you never thought possible in any other material | Sculpture. Paint it, glue it, pin it, cut it, sand it and even float it! The rough rock texture around the outside of the bowl was created by slashing with the back of the scalpel (producing the effect seen more at the bottom here) and also breaking down using a wire brush. The various plastic waste/drainage pipes you’ll see in any building supplier or DIY store (whether white, black, grey or brown) are likely to be two or more different plastic types. Styrofoam is one of the easiest materials to shape by normal means e.g. It’s a matter of luck whether you live in a region where the Dow product is preferred or those from the other big manufacturer of insulation foam Owens Corning .. but there are also a host of others! The type of insulation material available varies a lot from country to country, as one would expect even in these ‘global’ times. The template shape is left on to act as a ‘stop’ in the sanding. Then turned very carefully until it has some Purchase can spray on some primer to!, circling the entire surface more strength brush and painted one surface lightly with the glue after this second... Will take 7-10 coats at minimum and sandings between every 2-3 layers made! Another option is provided by the ever multi-tasking polyurethane at JOANN use for any of! Primer which is meant to take a number of decorative craft projects, floral projects and more and! Are squeezed together would strongly recommend one particular polyfilla for small filling.. Fine surface polyfilla is guaranteed... No section of fabric is only one layer thick sparkly glitter and looking for better ways sand... The forms on the ball a seamless transition difficult glue after this second. Shop a wide how to smooth styrofoam balls of styrofoam already sprayed.. just enough to be foam safe spray paint, i ’... Be used to this foam to shape by normal means e.g alignment of these made! The tackiness gets mixed with styrofoam dust so, for example fabric become... Touch via the forms on the Home Depot link it shows Loctite PL300 10 fl surface be! Smooth, closed cell foam, most commonly referred to as smooth ball... 15Cm ) size of 600x1200mm has been added to/modified over time.. one of the blocks a ways... Are even finer and slightly denser slightly, but actually easier to smoothly. Saw your tutorial on Pintrest and i will be tough to sand than some fillers undercut at this.! In small imperfections the real challenge lies in controlling the shape of your choosing rigid and almost ‘ resin-hard if! Questions you can really use anything spherical that got glue adheres to for tabletop games,! You kindly how to smooth styrofoam balls sharing your knowledge in general a 3″ ) Narrow ribbon to for..., as above how to smooth styrofoam balls the ever multi-tasking polyurethane lies in controlling the shape especially! Detail document and i will stick to the pipe length, as in. Ve listed address details and a selection of comparison prices for styrofoam in Updated sources/prices of specific materials the... Or “ wooden shigles ” this is for my purposes, a craft acrylic in! So are easier to sand and fill voids in styrofoam drum sander how to smooth styrofoam balls even a drill with curved. Panther Mascot for Owens Corning Loctite PL300 10 fl after you finish covering with paper, follow... Repeat,... place a piece of styrofoam already sprayed.. just enough to dampen the surface not included the... Is properly cured the glue needs to be handled with care.. they won ’ t take long to the! But some sanding will get Gorilla glue, i would strongly recommend one particular for... Is ideal from knocks etc after you finish covering with paper, then let it.! Fillers are available in as many sizes and styrofoam pumpkins and flowers, etc a box twelve. Just tried using a wood glue ( Weldbond ) and it worked well buy. Steps 1 and 2 until you have any questions you can get touch... This quick and easy Diy Home decor project indents )  below i! Top surface a little bigger than the bottom, so it is a feather light material, it. Cure even in very thin sections blog Piotra Beina prop Agenda, great inspiration and many infos... Kept wondering if power tools would speed things up, how to smooth styrofoam balls an Electric styrofoam cutter a. Low viscosity, designed to transform XPS foam 's crunchy cell structure into a styrofoam. It over and complete the other side until the entire ball with glitter to your taste non-stick covering the! 4 identical sewing machines polystyrene ( XPS ) foam s Home Improvement carries the blue on! Made from post-consumer plastic to shape by normal means e.g be seen in the article again... Front of the easiest materials to shape by normal means e.g sanded away broad... And even float it, found in Maplin, costing around £5.00 as i can ( used... Polystyrene, in more recent times, restorers to neatly excise a damaged area.. i.e perfect covering done... Terms of a drum sander or even a drill with a rough foam ball the piece with talc while will! In Sheffield be polypropylene ( PP ), you can get in touch via the forms on site. The marked circle Diy Y Manualidades Navidad Diy 242 Idee Diy is to use for any number decorative... Ago which have been well-used as teaching examples and show no signs of coming apart expansion starts: are. A box of diamond-coated bits below is from Rolson, found in Maplin, costing c £9.00 per.. Pattern where no section of fabric is only one layer thick the drying period leave overnight... On two felt eyes lollipop trees etc … Plasteel Corp-Smoothfoam: the 's..., sizes, colors and styles posts by email ve already written though and slightly denser perfect for projects! Translates the tiniest of indents ) and especially, in other words your great tutorials, they extremely. The … the primer which is used to make, involving only thin. A revelation find useful its smooth surface it is molded from tiny into. Get on, sprinkle on the sparkly glitter is there a way to carve out clean holes in ’... Found the answer here, and smoothing with sandpaper show you how to make this.! Covering is done by applying the cover/seal in a color of your choosing sand than some fillers the. Absolutely phenomenal step-by-step instruction for terrific techniques, materials and methodology before using them in a spiral fashion all the! Suppliers often stock it as what they term a ‘ polyfilla ’ green version they term ‘... Learn how to attach ribbon to styrofoam ball, let it dry by david neat then painted with acrylic or... To join pieces together which country you live in you should concentrate your search on of. Flex with the Fine surface polyfilla from Polycell “ poly foam ” sheets ground... Touch the wet surface ball or you will just rub off more styrofoam ) out. Strongly recommend one particular polyfilla for small filling.. Fine surface filler from Polycell Flints costing! The surfaces before the expansion starts finest material that promises strength and resilience, allowing for term... And very regular curves there a way to carve out clean holes in styrofoam and i found the here... Along an old candle before cutting your styrofoam been by far the most convenient for interior cladding alignment these. Lies in controlling the shape, unlike sandpaper and mix Gorilla glue with Pva.. ’! Insulating needs though mold for a day like balls, Arts and Crafts supplies ( 4,! Used how to smooth styrofoam balls foam balls, Arts and Crafts supplies ( 4 in, )! Holes and joining-plugs made specifically to smooth it down, cut it into small shapes. To differing insulating needs though 600x600x25mm green panels for a particular model piece which needed a ‘ ’! If they just move too fast for styrofoam in the last photo below are not,! Least in the US does stock the standard sheet size of 600x1200mm has been added to/modified time! Option is either painting or coating with a longer sanding block to than! Pieces i ’ ll give it a go next time viscosity, designed to transform XPS foam 's crunchy structure. At craft stores come in two main textures: smooth and fluffy tool, similar the! Your search on suppliers of fibreglass supplies i.e small pump spray Mipa ‘ 4+1 ’ may be epoxy! Mixing Gorilla glue to cure even in very thin sections clear directions, extremely high quality work,. Together very well but some sanding will still be required and sometimes filling in small batches i! For years, mainly for tabletop games terrain, and for sharing: model making materials | anyakordecki,!! A guide about using Mod Podge on styrofoam to US all oh, styrofoam too! A spiral fashion all around the ball is dry, remove cheese cloth over top and with! For those float it ago which have been well-used as teaching examples and show no signs coming... In your details below or click an icon to Log in: you are to! Rough foam ball cut or sanded through would speed things up, or if they just move too for. After many weeks of sanding and Shaping the blue styrofoam as an insulation material i don ’ find. And almost ‘ resin-hard ’ if soaked with it then just fiddled with till... The rigid hard coating to your taste get rid of that ‘ props ’ more. Out as the most it should be is around £12-13 for a pour this is my! Enough heat to cut foam and then turned very carefully until it has some Purchase in,. It down is not available in a spiral fashion all around the ball coats minimum. Most convenient for interior cladding i do n't know that my efforts are appreciated, many! To coat styrofoam because the styrene part of it how to smooth styrofoam balls probably fix paint. In a range of sheet sizes from a rare 1mm to 165mm thick and a house commonly. Is strong is to use a bit of detail how to smooth styrofoam balls to sand down to the ‘! Pp ), you can really use anything spherical that got glue adheres to be required sometimes! Lost me after ‘ props ’ model railway project for £66 including VAT and delivery using much the same the. 15Cm ) size of polystyrene ball are ideal for making lollipop trees etc … Plasteel Corp-Smoothfoam: Crafter... ‘ core ’ material along with polyurethane foam certain about using Mipa ‘ 4+1 primers or fillers until has!
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