RELIABILITY Unison 2.x is a good upgrade. So I have to re-download the par files, run the par myself to fix the files and extract the download. I purchased 2.0 the minute it was announced, as I purchased 1.x when I tried and liked it. Downloader hardly works. There were some minor bugs with the initial 2.0 release (like trial timeouts) but I've never had issues with downloading or decoding large archives from Giganews. I am used to marking threads READ in newsgroup readers. I have been in touch with the developers and they are aware of it, but no indication of when it will be fixed. Panic, when you sell people programs for money, give them something good that works. What i look for in a usenet reader is speed (downloading headers, sorting, searching), reliability (downloads download as expecting), and ease of use (intuitive interface). I'll not be paying to update this app until there is a proper version which correctly loads all preferences from the 1.8 version. It simply stops doing what it should be doing and requires a restart to get it going again. dubharmonic, Jul 27, 2020 #161. It includes the 1st .par file (which is small), but the rest are automatically purged from the .nzb for some reason. Definitely not. I use NewsDemon as my provider with excellent retention and full speed access. How much you pay for your UNISON membership depends on how much you earn. No hard feelings. It worked until 1.8.1 why not anymore??? It doesn't even mark binaries previously downloaded; so I have found myself downloading something a few times… Then there's the interminable spinning beachball with "Application not Responding" Dock/Activity Monitor notice (it is usually actually working whilst it states it's not responding, it's just that one has to wait several minutes for Unison to free up the computer from all the threads it has spawned. One important of Unison is that one has to run it manually i.e. Which is the Best, Most Private and Most Secure Browser for Mac? Problems, therefore, take a long time to get resolved (like the pref. Unison pauses mid download. Mac Backup Software: Don't Risk Your Data! I have tried 2.02, 2.03, 2.04 and deleted the com.panic.unison2.plist file every time and I have never got any bookmarks from 1.8.1 imported. Behavior with 2.04 is as described above. Membership costs in England, Scotland and Wales/Cymru Annual salary Monthly cost Up As I understand it, compatibility is not just based on version numbers, but also on the Ocaml version with which it was compiled. But if you know Panic,… I sent them an email regarding the issues mentioned above and have not received a reply from them in well over a week now. It's a shame, because it's really the only decent, modern, newsreader on the Mac (I don't count the ageing Thoth in that) and Panic seem to just barely keep it alive. Ideal for large downloads (mkv, rar, nzb, etc). I'm wondering, is Unison's database management still so slow that my MacPro with four 3 GHz Xeon processors with 10 GBs of RAM will still take 10-12 hours to update my newsgroups databases as it always did? It is absolutely annoying that I can not mark files as read anymore. (This may apply to all systems running APFS, but I haven’t verified that yet.) RE: UNISON 2.0 Thanks Panic for a product (Unison 2.1) that I bought but can't use as the serial number can't be checked. Kudos to MATREYA the previous poster for mentioning the marking of cross-posts as read. Really, goes from worse to worser. The header data is not deleted, it is all sitting right where it should be waiting to be read. 3. it isn't a very speedy upgrade, I'm on a FiOS connection and it takes longer that V1 to update groups I use Unison to sync code between my local machine and my dev servers. My Unison 1 bookmarks where not imported. So for now at least it's "Buh-bye Unison", and "Hello NZBVortex". (Wish I could get my money back !) Does this thing work well as an NZB downloader? I thought after upgrading to Unison 2 matters would improve. Standard practise. Nice looking app, Panic. Now the program (2.1.1) sometimes suddenly freezes in the dock or while uploading/downloading or just doing nothing (??) Anyone know how to get the 2.1.10 version? (First email was last week, right after launch of version 2.0 ), Doesn't seem to work on "non-Apple" hardware, lacks unread article counts but so far pretty stable even if I am going back to 1.81. The new Unison USB board is an upgrade for any Bifrost, Gungnir, or Yggdrasil with the Gen 1, 2, 3, or 5 USB inputs, and now ships standard with every new Gungnir and Yggdrasil. The latest version of Unison 2 is 2.1 on Mac Informer. This new version 2.2, crashes consistently. That's right, the dinosaur was about a billion times faster. It was that slow. Crashing OS X is quite an achievement. Now that they've formally stopped supporting Unison, don't expect they'll be paying much attention to posts here (and that could be lucky for us, since there are few comments from jerks who were apparently raised by wolves and have no manners). Unison is a solid Usenet newsreader available for Mac OS X 10.5 and later. Would it be possible to have an option to stick to the old interface or change the background to a lighter shade of grey so it will still be evident that one is reading and expanded tree? End of development, last update for Unison, Adds multi-connection downloads for much faster transfers, Adds a lot more Retina assets for more beautiful browsing on newer machines. But all our members get the same benefits, support and exclusive offers. Instead, this app gets steadily worse with each iteration. I wanted this to be my Mac alternative to NewsLeecher. So — PLEASE stop posting insults! This means that if you have a group with 7.5 million headers (like I have), they are parsed in any and all searches. I subscribe to 8 newsgroups and when I launch Unison my Mac locks up whilst Unison hogs the internal HDD's and CPU cycles. I can't do this with any NZB downloader that I know of. Yes? Headbangingly, beach-balling slow. The most popular versions among the application users are 2.4, 2.2 and 2.1. If you have 30 bucks to spare better donate to NZBvortex. This app constantly drains my MacPro of all life when active. It seems a bit more reliable (doesn't pause unexpectedly), more transparent in its handling of PARs, easier to choke if you need bandwidth for something else, and more flexible in what you can do with the queue - for example, you can merge downloads if you've ended up with the RARs and PARs in separate NZBs. Yeah this is a tad unstable on all my Macs I agree it likes to beach ball me very often. Loses all headers, renames files it downloads to random names, downloads them to random folders, far files are then broken, no attempt to post process the far files. ), but I still prefer to browse header listings, because I find things I miss searching NZBs. To summarise: I have really enjoyed Unison over the years and found to be well worth the money, but I really don't want to pay to upgrade this, wait several years for an update, then find that they want me to pay again for 3.0. If you’re not blown away with the improvement to your music, just email within 60 days and we’ll give you 100% of your money back. Before this version everything worked great. wrong with this release... Mac is a very stable computer and it can certainly do without crappy programs who make it look like windows !!! It lets you preview MP3 files directly off a Usenet server, view images in an elegant iPhoto-like thumbnail view, prioritize transfers with a flexible downloads manager, find favorites quickly with a categorized column-view interface, smartly group files into meta-groups (like songs into albums), show download status beautifully in the dock, and much more. version 2 is very good...I like the UnRAR built-in feature, it save me a lot of time when downloading files. This is a common problem in many software created in the USA, and that could explain why I am able to read in some groups (like only postings from today and from the 18th of January of 2006, and nothing in between. first i thought it was the news provider but then i changed provider a few times but nope this was the unison that messed everything up. (Recall that I mentioned earlier that compatible versions of Unison were needed on both systems.). No matter what you do, you are working with all the headers in a particular group. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. I takes the application over FIVE MINUTES to become responsive after I first double-click its icon. I have asked for a way to customize font size in the message window and a way to get rid of that IMO horrible black background when opening triangles ages ago. Thanks. The problem seems to be, if anything, worse than ever. To get these files to finish download I need to press Pause All then Resume All. Thanks to MU's recent offering of NZBVortex I am now running a Usenet client that does exactly what it promises - download binaries without making a fuss. Unison 2, unfortunately, is not much of an upgrade after such a long wait. It is a perfect match for RSS in the Internet Tools category. Maybe it has more problems when downloading files, but so far it's working well for me. Install Unison 2.48.4 on Mac OS X with Homebrew. Once that happens, the entire Mac UI locks up for maybe ten seconds or so. Quite annoying. It's served me very well for a good number of years. Anyway, Unison is a tool which does two-way synchronisation between computers and every time there is an inconsistency (a new file, a deleted file, a change, etc.) While Unison is available for all three platforms and does work across (and among) systems running all three operating systems, I did encounter a few interoperability issues while making it work. The final version of this newsreader, 2.2, was released in November of 2014. And hopefully fix your bugs! This app is rubbish. Searching NZB sites is handy (Unison can search any NZB url one wants as well. The latest update of Unison resolved all the (unsupported) problems I had. Besides that I don't like the black background on the new interface when expanding the file list tree. There's potential for so much more with Unison, but I'm not sure if we'll ever be fortunate enough to see it. It makes reading groups so much nicer. After paying for it, I discover that it has a very nasty bug where it freezes up my Mac Pro for approx 30 seconds and then the entire left sidebar becomes a mess of corrupted graphics, and the only way to see my newsgroups listed properly if to relaunch Unison. I have used Unison quite a bit. it also supports multi servers at the same time just try the demo it will convince you. Now, ok, I understand there is a problem with some Nvidia drivers, but how come the problem ONLY EVER shows up when Unison is running? Now, the problem is that via brew install unison it installs unison 2.51.2, and via apt-get on the EV3DEV (debian-linux) it installs unison 2.40, which is incompatible. It works under GNU/Linux, Windows and Unix platforms. A database that stores what you have downloaded and do a crc check so that you don't download the same file several times. That's exactly my point. Mail has a similar separate activity window showing individual operations, but it, like a well-designed program, has a cancel button next to every progress bar. - You can preview images and read comments on binary uploads. I … ask the user to manually choose on the action to make. Mac users effectively don't have a good newsreader anymore. The size of the latest installer available is 9.6 MB. Success! Hasn't crashed once since I've done this. Less criticism and good reviews will be your share !! Sometimes it helps to pause the download and manually resume, sometimes it does not help. Particularly the uploadbug has not been repaired at all !! I hope Unison is around for a long time. Overview Mailing lists Downloads Downloads randomly pause after upgrading to Mountain Lion. Please fix it. It is faster, but still nowhere near as fast as most any other contemporary newsgroup downloader. By far the best reader out there on osx. I also found these issues: As to the why of this major issue? Unison has finally met it's promise and is at long last a fantastic newsreader IMO. If not careful folders and all the groups inside of them can be accidentally dropped off the edge of the window and instantly removed from the favorites list. Note that the list of problems probably does not end here because it was not possible to fully test this software. The fact that it now does everything from searching to unpacking, is awesome. In this particular case a developer who, because of techinical difficulties, thinks he can and should decide how Usenet should be used by his clients. That is normal, the connection is flaky, it should just try again and I don't want to know about it. Increase file descriptor limit on macOS. Don't get distracted by all the negative reviews down here. Unison is a shareware Mac OS X client for Usenet, developed by Panic Software. It took a while for it to develop but it is fully mature and great now! It offers all the expected newsreader functionality: easy-to-navigate threaded discussions, the ability to ignore annoying posters, multiple signature management, and easy, Mail-like posting with spell checking and all the trimmings. Apparently Unison 2 cleanses some par files from the set. That's how familiar I am with this app. Of course it was trying to catch up on 4 binary groups all at the same time so I would expect some latency. Let me clear the caches myself across all the groups #2. They however don't do nothing to solve them and they finally not even answering my emails anymore. A very clean and Mac-like app as usual from the Panic guys.. Bifrost 2 uses Unison USB as standard with a unique Autonomy card. This is a deal breaker for me. I'm ready to just downgrade at this point. But sometimes downloads get "stuck" in the queue and never go away. It's very frustrating and -yes - I'm running the latest version, 2.1.2. Joined: Nov 10, 2019 Likes Received: 492 Dislikes Received: 1 … Works perfectly. Customers are left in the dust. The interface is still OK, but it is nowhere near as usable as the guys at Panic seem to think it is. I subscribe to 15 newsgroups and download movies and music without any problems. Really don't know what Steve Jobs saw in Panic years ago. Post by Stefan Moser *** [unison-users] silly question: I'm trying to keep several Unison versions installed on my machine (macOS 10.14.1): my main Unison version 2.51.2, and also one version 2.48.15 which I have renamed "Unison-2.48" in the /Application folder. Not for me, unfortunately. Can any user tell me how to use the search box in a News Group when I want to search for a particular user's postings? I haven't found it to be buggy. Unbelievable! See I've been noticing that my downloads randomly pause. I made this request back in version 2.0 ... they are no into 2.03 and still no way to make text bigger.. Dave. I fully retract my post of 16 Feb 2011. I'm not a beta tester but a paying costumer, I choose to be !!!! In previous versions I was able to change the "SUBJECT" to "FROM". Using 2.2 with the exact same server settings doesn't do anything! If you managed directly the categories, you're out of luck, No database for downloaded stuff. Fix the stalling #1. This is something Thoth and other newsreaders have been doing for YEARS. the synchronisation only happens when initiated by the user. Blog: Our members are … After using Unison for quite some time I leave it behind. Things like this have happened before and will happen again. Version 2.2 is crashing a lot and thus more or less unusable.
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