Art history is a fairly niche subject. In European Drawings from the Collection of the Ackland Art Museum, by . And yet, Australia spoils students with the range of choices that it makes available to them. If you find an image of the work of art in a website, book, article, use the format below. The Art History and Theory Department at The University of Sydney on We proudly invite the Sydney community to enjoy a taste of the intellectual life at CCE. Delaroche, Paul. Art history courses at the Centre for Continuing Education will take you on fascinating journeys through the major artistic trends of different periods, giving you a much wider appreciation of art both old and new. Philosophy, history and creative writing need not be the exclusive domain of academics and university students. Students can specialize in varied aspects such as visual culture, medieval regional manuscripts, or the study of film history.The Department of Art History at the University of Sydney is the only university in New South Wales that offers courses in the subject. The Art History and Film Studies Department at The University of Sydney on You too can engage in academic debate like the many great minds that have walked the grounds of the University of Sydney over the past 100+ years. Other useful image collections CAGE – Cyber Art Gallery Eindhoven. 45 1/2 in. "Portrait of a Woman," 1829. Pastel drawing, 10 by 12 in. University of Sydney - Art History & Theory Digital Image Database. Online gallery of contemporary artworks from around the world. Mainly European and American image archives. The Art History Department at The University of Sydney on Includes SCA Images Online collection. A list of online image archives. (Ackland Art Museum, Chapel Hill, NC). (115.6 cm) New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art. Kathleen Davidson, The University of Sydney, Art History and Film Studies Department, Faculty Member. In Australia there have always been complex interconnections between the worlds of art and literature, perhaps the most obvious being the cluster of artists and writers centred on the journal Vision, co-edited by Norman Lindsay’s son Jack with Kenneth Slessor, who was heavily influenced by Lindsay. Backed by the University of Sydney, our experienced educators are all experts in their fields. Kathleen (Kate) Davidson is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Art Art History Course: Michelangelo meets Sinan; History Course: 17-18th Century Ottoman and European Art and Fashion; History Course: A Day in Herculaneum; History Course: The Great Game – The Contest for Central Asia; History Course: The Legacy of Islamic Civilisations 632-1924; History Course: The Ottoman Renaissance, 1413-1575 Ann Elias is Professor of Art History and Visual Culture at the University of Sydney. Studies Art History, History of Collecting, and Nineteenth Century Studies.