Foam board can sometimes be referred to as foamcore but, no matter which name you call it by, you might know from experience that the edges love to get jagged when you try to cut it. Now it’s time to consider the roller’s surface. of acetone around the outside edge of the melted styrofoam. This article explains about top 10 styrofoam recycling tips in details. I've looked around and some people have been saying to use fiberglass resin, paperclay, Gesso or Modge Podge. Styrofoam (Polystyrene) is very bad for the environment, and yet it can’t be recycled in most places (including a large part of the US). Choose a fine sanding block so you smooth out the surface without leaving scratch marks. The static electricity is what can cause it to just seemingly blow away as you try to wipe it up especially when using a cotton rag. Instead, dab at the piles of styrofoam from above. (Get the heavy duty blades for more dense material) These work great on spray foam, board type insulation, soft foam (for tool/pelican cases) etc. It may take two people to lift the Styrofoam, as it will be much heavier from retaining water. I purchased a lovely thin, fine saw and went to town. Our site is in "beta" mode. I'm thinking about making a sword out of styrofoam but was wondering what I should use to fill in the pores and, basically, make it look less like styrofoam and more smooth. You should also use an extra-long blade for this. Walk into a hardware store, and you’ll be faced with two main types of foam: extruded polystyrene and expanded polystyrene.Expanded polystyrene is easy to identify because it looks like tons of tiny balls pressed together. Type above and press Enter to search. Simply leave it in water for about 15 minutes to get it soaked and go over the part with it. It cuts easily and can be sanded and painted very we… When applying Mod Podge over a design, apply one layer of the Mod Podge with side-to-side brush strokes. First of all, when trying to determine just how to cut foam board, you must have a nice sharp blade on the knife or whatever you will be using to cut your foam board. slicing with sharp knives or a hot-wire cutter, sawing with serrated blades, rasping with files, and smoothing with sandpaper. Knowing just how to cut foam board and still have the edges look nice can be a tricky thing. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Set the vase on the foam and add a layer of plastic wrap on top. If you are cutting 3 inches thick or less try an Olfa L-2 utility knife. The bags of Styrofoam were unpacked and sorted, then sawed into pieces that were bound together with an adhesive. What does that mean? Heat is one of the factors that exacerbates chemicals leaching out of the material and into the food, so the fact the Styrofoam is the disposable of choice for hot beverages and soups is a huge factor. Learn more: From the land to the sea – How what we throw away ends up in the ocean That single-use Styrofoam cup doesn't just go away after you toss it in the bin. When the foam has cured, carve off any overflowing bits and seal the box for shipping. The blade of a utility knife is easy to replace at the first sign of dullness, and it can be used for a multitude of other things. This will slow you down but ultimately help you to cleanup a greater amount. Also, whatever you decide to cut with should be held as horizontally as possible. Your email address will not be published. Serrated blades are great for cutting thick foam. She holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Arkansas. But, how the heck can you reuse styrofoam into useful things that you … To prepare a quantity of snow cones or ice-cream cones in advance, cut a foam block from an old Styrofoam cooler to size so it will fit flat in your freezer. SMOOTH VS. TEXTURED. It worked pretty well. Let it be, and it will flatten out. Try not to use the normal vacuuming motion of forward and back. Yesterday’s tip “Tip of the Day: How do I clean up glitter?“, started with the leftover glitter. Use Styrofoam to Hold Treats for Shipping and Freezing. Prices and quantities listed on the web may not match what's in store. Try your search again, but only use numbers (0-9) and letters (a-z). Allow that coat to dry for 20 minutes or so before applying another even layer of Mod Podge in up-and-down strokes. Try not to use the normal vacuuming motion of forward and back. Get Coupons, Pics, and News, twice a week. Foam boards that are designed for insulation have a different look to it than a regular sheet of foam board does. The best option is undoubtedly a utility knife with an X-Acto knife being a close second. 1) Lightly mist the foam model (area to be done) with water. In a couple of hours, the dried poly just peels right out of the pan. Doing so will make sure that the knife can reach all the way through at the angle you are cutting at with length to spare. The remaining gaps were filled with expanding foam. Any ideas on how to smooth them down without changing the size? Also, if you are not aware, we have launched a fully functional Beta Shopping Cart. Shaping styrofoam Styrofoam is one of the easiest materials to shape by normal means e.g. Tip of the Day: How do I clean up glitter? Use anti-static spray. The cleanup is most easily accompished with a shop vac or a vacuum that allows for attachements. 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. I have found that this process results in … Doing this will allow more of the blade to come into contact with the board and will give you much better results. Good clean accurate cuts. Foam boards are frequently used by architects to make models of what they plan on building, to create signs or posters, as a form of insulation, or any number of other things, each of which needs the edges to have a sharp, clean finish. To use the anti-static spray, first spray a light layer on the snow flocking/styrofoam. By having a layer of wax paper between the iron and the styrofoam, I could melt melt the styrofoam enough to give it a smooth surface and shape. Be sure to also remove any plastic covering that may be on the Styrofoam, as this will prevent the foam from drying out. Today, we will move on to the snow flocking and any styrofoam that was left behind. If you do any work with Styrofoam or other similar materials, you know it can be tricky to cut and shape pieces how you want them. Please call or e-mail us for confirmation. 2) Put some Gorilla Glue and lightweight spackle in a little mixing cup, mist it with water, mix it well, and let it start foaming up. Pour approximately 1 to 2 oz. When purchasing your new foam roller, you have two surface options to choose from: smooth or textured. Polystyrene is manufactured from petroleum, an obvious non-renewable resource, and a carcinogen called benzene is used in production. From coffee cups to carry-out containers, expanded polystyrene products — commonly referred to by the brand name Styrofoam — are omnipresent in today's culture. Foam boards that are designed for insulation have a different look to it than a regular sheet of foam board does. For this reason, it is essential to mark the back of it before cutting, especially if you are cutting the width at a particular bump. While you can use anything that has a sharp blade on it to cut foam board, some things naturally work better than others. A dull blade will make it impossible to cut without getting jagged edges since the tiniest variance in the blade can affect it. Allison Cartwright has been writing professionally since 2009. The cleanup is most easily accompished with a shop vac or a vacuum that allows for attachements. this collection). The real challenge lies in controlling the shape and especially, in … If you do a large amount of foam board cutting regularly, you could also consider investing in a foam cutting saw. Shinoda Design Center is wholesale only. You should cut this kind of foam board with the ridges on the bottom. How to Get Rid of Styrofoam. You will be able to tell if a knife is genuinely sharp or not when it comes to foam board because a sharp knife can slice through the whole thing in one smooth cut. Expanded polystyrene foam, commonly referred to as styrofoam, is one of the most common materials used in a wide variety of applications – from appliances packaging to take-out … Even though this foam is made from the same stuff, the inside is different. For starters, it has one side that has ridges or bumps on one side of it, the other side being flat and smooth like a regular foam board. For example, a pair of kitchen scissors will cut through it if you don’t care about the edges, and even a hand saw can do the work if the board is too large for scissors to handle. I thought I would continue on with the clean up theme today. One of the best tricks I found to get a nice, even and smooth result was to wet sand. Press Esc to cancel. This will sand and smooth the rough-cut edges. After each coat, re-dip the roller in mineral spirits and put it into a zippered plastic bag for the next coat and leave the wet tray to dry. Take the Styrofoam out of the cover, or from the area in which it has been overexposed to water. The problem with using one of these, besides the melted edges it can leave and the burns it can cause if you are not careful is that it can release the potentially toxic fumes of the foam. Towel Ring Height and Other Fixtures: Proper Measurements, Homemade Paint Removers for Every Surface. Though your Styrofoam will look nice with these kinds of … The main problem when cleaning up styrofoam and snow flocking is air current created in trying to pick it up and the fact that they produce quite a bit of static electricity. It is more solid in the center, which is why it is sometimes referred to as rigid foam insulation. Read our blog post about the Beta Shopping Cart. A light mist knocks them out. How can you kill both of these birds with one stone? We have sold quite a bit of crushed styrofoam that is used as artificial snow. Coating the foam with Gessoor joint compound will smooth it out and give it a paintable surface. Remember, the foam will expand, so don't fill it to the top. I keep a can of spray poly handy in case of bubbles. 2. As before, the best way to cut foam board involves cutting at as much of an angle as possible, and you should also avoid sawing at the foam board. Even though this foam … This fact is especially true since it often requires more than one cut over a line to cut entirely through if your blade is dull. I started with the Smoothfoam website which had this to say: Smoothfoam is our brand name for molded EPS or Expandable Polystyrene. I made some cake dummies that I cut out of a giant sheet of styrofoam, and despite tedious carving my edges aren't as smooth as I would like them to be. Step 3 Wait overnight or 24 hours before touching or … Go over the surface using small circular motions to smooth out any bits of foam that still stick out from the surface. If you are in a hurry and do not care about the details, you can cut with the first thing you grab. Then cover with another coat, let dry, and sand again. It is a smooth, closed cell foam, most commonly referred to as smooth Styrofoam … Cartwright has published several eBooks on craft and garden-related subjects. Interested in shopping online? These can be a good option and, if going this route, you should pick a knife with a relatively long yet thin blade. I need to sand it afterwards (for the edges) too. An 8′ x 4 ‘ form made out of 2x4s that was the Styrofoam form. Can You Have Stained Doors With Painted Trim. Setup an account. After I finished with the iron, I peeled off the wax paper and covered the pontoons with ultracoat. Then sand off any rough spots until the surface is perfect again. Apply one additional coat over the surface of the Styrofoam. The link sends you to Walmart but it is pretty commonly available. This may also be a sign that you need a new blade for your knife. Here are some important tips. Applying a small amount at a time to get an even finish on the surface is best. Keep your movement smooth from top to bottom and try to not vary the depth of your knife at all while you are cutting. Read our blog post about the Beta Shopping Cart. Tip of the Day: How do I clean off crystal frost from my window? Rub the cut edge of the scrap piece against the cut edges of the Styrofoam project pieces. On the tip of the shop vac or attachment, spray some of the anti-static spray. I'm not icing them I'm wrapping them in ribbon so just hiding the imperfections with icing isn't an option. If … Hot knives and hot wires are fairly popular ways of cutting foam cleanly. A kitchen knife or a pocket knife can work well if it is sharp enough and if you have a grindstone or file to keep them sharp as you cut. On the tip of the shop vac or attachment, spray some of the anti-static spray. You apply the sealant first to the styrofoam object you wish to paint with either a foam brush or a paintbrush. A foam sponge, foam brush, or soft-bristle paintbrush are good for painting. Hopefully, this will make the cleanup a little more painless. No special characters. A perfect covering is done by applying the cover/seal in a thin layer and letting it dry. You will have to get the right type of sanding paper (e.g. Above all, never “saw” at the foam board at all. To get better results, please enter a longer search word. I have them at the size I need them so I can't cut them down anymore. There is a new product on the market called Smoothfoam that I was sent to test out. 3) Allowing it to start to foam up lowers its viscosity making it thinner, and easier to spread out all over the foam … If you end up with small burrs (foam particles) on the edge after cutting, gently rub the edge against another piece of Smoothfoam to remove them – it works as a sanding block against itself. The smooth surface allows for an even pressure across the length of the massage. Step 5 Hold the razor blade nearly parallel to the surface and slide the sharp edge into the styrofoam, peeling the stryofoam up, away from the surface. If you mix the joint compound with glue, it will make give it a little more flexibility, as joint compound tends to crack and flake off. To use the anti-static spray, first spray a light layer on the snow flocking/styrofoam. Level the foam with the surface using a sanding block. We must leave the sealant to dry before we can paint the styrofoam object. Now fill the rest of the box with foam. Use a trowel to smooth out the adhesive over the surface of the Styrofoam.